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April 20, 2022

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Two wounded men. One semi mythical, magical pool. A forest full of monsters out for blood...

Magic brought Danel to the WildWood and nearly killed him in the process. What good is a crippled knight? No one will hire him and he's forced to eke out a living as a knight errant. It's a hard life, but someone has to do it. When he comes across a half Fae wanderer in the forest and hears of a healing pool, he jumps at the chance to find it.

Aldyn used to be Prince Magnus of the Ten Isles, but a coup led by his illegitimate sister has left him burned and alone in the WildWood. Finding Danel - and learning that he could use a little healing - is better luck than he's had in years. He didn't count on the ravens, though, or drawing the attention of every nasty beast that calls the WildWood home. What should have been a simple quest quickly turns into a fight against forces neither one of them could even imagine.

It's a race against time to find the pools and heal themselves.

A Pilot's Luck

January 1, 2021

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David "Lucky" Garrison has gotten into his share of scrapes.

He's gotten out of them, too, but this one is looking like it's going to be harder than most. What's a man supposed to do when an Army intelligence agent asks a lowly bush pilot like him to take a package from New York to Sydney, Australia? The pay is good and Lucky needs to get out of the States for personal reasons. This job looks like the perfect excuse to lay low for a little bit.

Of course, every perfect job usually comes with some hidden drawbacks and not so nice surprises.

He wasn't counting on the Nazis. Or getting chased across three continents by a madman. Nor was he counting on picking up a crew or a technologically advanced miracle of modern engineering.

Richards had better pay him quick.

His Runaway Heart

May 29, 2020

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When Jessie went outside to get her mail, she didn't expect to find a half dead man curled up under her front porch. He had no markings, no collar, no way for anyone to tell where he's supposed to go. As far as Jessie cares, someone just dumped out an unwanted pet. She has no idea that she's looking at something that is part of an illegal government program.

Tobias is the first of the Special Operatives. He has the obedience of a human pet with the strength and courage of a Marine. He was genetically engineered in a lab and then "lost" by a corrupt lab technician when he needed to pay a few debts. But instead of winding up a pampered pet or the lover of a wealthy lady, he wound up laboring on a farm. Until he escaped, because nothing can keep a good Operative down.

The government wants their pet project back. Tobias wants to understand what this fuss about taking showers all the time is. Jessie just wants to know what she's gotten into.

The Forgotten Centaur

August 4, 2020

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Sunflower is forgotten.

She isn't like the rest of the centaur mares. She doesn't want to snag a stallion of her own and she cares nothing for the fine clothes and pretty flowers like the other mares do. She prefers a fine bow to fine food and a long hunt to sitting at home by the fire. Instead of welcoming the faeries who try to rub her fur with scented oils and soft wax, she chases them away with flint sharp hooves.

However, when a dragon threatens the safety and stability of the herd, Sunflower is the one sent to deal with it. After all, what's the harm in sacrificing something you've forgotten?


September 30, 2019

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Alpha shifter Tate Wood has a slight problem.

Namely, she's starting to get some unwanted visitors in her little Alabama valley. Visitors that would happily kill every one of her pack instead of settling down somewhere. It's not that her pack doesn't know how to fight, it's just that they've never had to do it before. Add that into some sort of omen about the Seventh Seal being broken and you have one very nervous coyote. While some of the newcomers might not be so bad (and one of them might be the compliment she was looking for), the rest leave much to be desired.

Tate must do something. The winds of war are gathering, werewolves are out for blood, and a strange witch has taken up residence in the mountains. It's about to get ugly and no one can stop it.

Fallen Knight

June 17, 2020

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Ruari has fallen.

Once a knight and a servant of his goddess, he's now become a slave to the humans on the Southern Continent. He's lost his Prince, his horses, even his hand, and he's become a shell of his former self. Ruari might as well be dead for all he cares. After all, what good is a knight who can't complete the most basic of duties?

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