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Updates and Other Things

I guess part of having this blog post thingy means that I should be updating it more than every so often. (I apologize in advance - I am by no means a professional author. I do this for fun, I don't make a ton of money, and I have a very busy personal life. Work, graduate school, running a small farm, trying to set up homestead consulting... Honestly, I kinda forget this site is here until someone asks me.)

Anyways. (If anyone in Alabama needs advice about livestock and things like that, send me an email. I promise I know more than most have forgotten!)

I should do better. I'll try to do better. I'm going to shoot for one update or post, no matter how rambling it is, once a week or so. Maybe on Friday because I should have a decent block of time then?? I don't know, but I really should do more of these things because I think people do read them. Also, as I'm writing this, my cat Avalon is sitting on my arm. I do apologize for any glaring errors, but my range of motion is limited by 12 pounds of feline.

I know I can't mention that I have a cat without showing her. That would break a law of the internet and we can't have that!

She's quite a good writing companion and she would like you to know that I might have missed my self-imposed deadline for publishing HART by several months now. Sorry, guys. I have no excuse other than COVID kicking my ass and poor time management.

Those of you who know me in real life (and there are some of you!) reading this know that HART is being published under C. A. Wood, not K. Ramsuer. Why is that? Because HART isn't the literary equivalent of a 3 AM Tumblr shitpost. It's a serious fantasy with some serious topics (and a seriously cool mythical stag, if I say so myself). I'd like to keep the more erotic work separate from the more serious stuff, if only so I can maintain a veneer of plausibility that I don't write weird erotic gay fiction in front of my more religious co-workers.

I think that about covers everything, sans a few stories that I'm drafting.

If you made it through my rambles, awesome! Get yourself a cookie or some other treat - you deserve it!

Thanks for reading! ~K. Ramsuer

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