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Just an Update

I'm aware there's a situation on Reddit right now. I'm also aware that I've pissed off parts of the alt-right (bringing a queer take on a traditionally very het genre tends to do that). My understanding is the person in question is trying to start friction between me and a person known for harassment. Honestly, I don't really care either way - I don't have a dog in that fight, if I may use those words - but I do want to head any potential problems off at the pass.

It's probably a troll that will get bored in a little bit. The account doesn't seem to be wildly active and I think most folks can tell it's a troll. I'm not going to link it here, as I don't want to bring more attention to the situation than there already is.

My pen name itself is a reference to Star Wars and I've used it since 2013. I'm not going to change it for any reason. In fact, "K. Ramsuer" is a reference to a novel called Knight Errant. I had a ship between Kerra Holt and Jarrow Rusher. I was also part of a Star Wars RP board and, over time, K. Rusher became K. Ramsuer. I don't know exactly how it happened, but it happened. It's now my name as much as my other names are and I don't intend to change it.

It's also a bit of a family reference, but you need the deep lore on me to get that. Only one person has it and we're not exactly on speaking terms with each other right now.

Anyways. Before I start rambling too much.

My accounts linked on this website are not my personal accounts (well, the Tumblr kinda is). I will never use my pen name for anything personal, mostly because I want to keep my private life from my writing one. I also have pictures of me and my cats on my personal accounts. One of which is a reddit account, but it's under a different name (just like my Discord, Ao3, and a few others).

Just... use some critical thinking? Ask yourself who has an interest in the crazy stuff you're reading about. What are they trying to start between two people?

Anyways, I'm going to be going to a comic and games expo this weekend, so don't expect anymore updates. Sorry, guys...

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