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Free Book? Free Book!

HART is going to have it's first free eBook promo this weekend! I know money is more than a bit tight right now for all of us (trust me, it is here, too) and I want people to be able to enjoy the story. That's why HART will be free from Friday to Tuesday of this week!

I hope anyone who wants to downloads a copy of the book. As a favor to me, though, I would ask that you leave a review or a rating, please. That sort of thing helps me get more readers to my works and partially expands my reach. It also makes an author very happy to know what people think of their book (even if you hate it. I have siblings, I have a very thick skin, you won't offend me).

That's about all the update I have this week!

Thanks for reading! ~C. A. Wood/K. Ramsuer

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